2012/06 - Purchase of Vulcan Mine Modeller License

iMO has purchased In June 2012 a license of the mine planning software Vulcan from the Australian software firm Maptek. The Vulcan open cut mine modeller license has special tool for open pit planning works.

2011/07 - New Riegl V Line Scanner from October 2011 on

From October 2011 on iMO will have a Riegl VZ1000 terrestrial laser scanner. This instrument provides high speed, non-contact data acquisition for ranges up to 1400 m using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast scanning mechanism. This scanner will help iMO on the one hand to offer terrestrial laser scanning projects in the mining environment even more feasible and on the other hand to develop taylor-made laser scanner based monitoring solutions in combination with the open source GIS software package SAGA.

2011/06 - Office Relocation

iMO will move office on September 1st, 2011 from Bergstrasse 12, 82024 Taufkirchen to Raiffeisenallee 6 in D-82041 Oberhaching. Postal address will furthermore stay Fliederweg 1 in D-82031 Grünwald. Telephone numbers and email contacts will stay.

2011/06 - Lis Webinterface

iMO offers enterprises dealing with lidar data sets now a professional solution for centralised data storage and administration in combination with a web browser based access to the data. Client data are stored on an external server using Lis Server as database. The scaleable data base model allows the storage of airborne, terrestrial and mobile laser scanning data sets as well as conventional raster data like aerial images, intensity images or maps. A web interface called Lis Webinterface provides access to the external server via an interactive web view.

To introduce the system to potential users, iMO has installed 3 sample projects on an external server. To access the projects a password is required. Please contact iMO via email ( ) or by telephone (+49 (0)89 64919792) to receive access information. To receive a quick description how to use the Lis Webinterface click here.