Fields of Expertise

Mine Planning  

iMO offers consultancy services for the mining industry.  In 1997 we began by focusing on collecting and structuring operational data for our mining clients. These efforts resulted in the creation of an MS Access-based Admin Collection: a flexible and user-friendly expandable software tool to administrate geological and mining related data. Admin Collection can be easily linked to any mine planning software package.
As specialists in data assessment, iMO offers solutions in mine planning software, ultimate pit layout, pit optimisation, mine sequencing, development of cost models and equipment analysis.

iMO offers for clients the following range of services:                     

  • Conceptual mine planning
  • Pit optimisation studies
  • Pit limit definition
  • Mine sequencing
  • Equipment selection, analysis and specification
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Data acquisition and structuring
  • Implementation of mine planning software systems




Case Studies

Due Diligence
Open pit planning
Quarry planning